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Specialties at The AARU'S Kitchen

Indian Cuisines


We have so many specialties in food across India. A famous saying about India “Kos Kos per Badle Pani, Do Kos per Badle Vani aur khana”. 

We have so many food varieties and preparation techniques that one will experience difference in taste when the same dish is prepared at a different region and even in different kitchen. We will try to bring as many varieties as we can at this platform that everyone can find something interesting and similar to his/her mother’s recipe.

Weight Management


This is the biggest debatable topic now a day. With increasing food options and easy accessibility to outside food, health is somewhere lagging behind. We all know about the do’s and don’t for better health, but, no idea how to implement !! At AARU’S – We will suggest you small small changes in your day-to-day recipes to make a difference in our health and weight. Lets take a step together towards healthy tomorrow.

Baby Food


This channel is named after our sweet, little Aryan. He is around 1.5 year old. We do so many research to provide him the most healthiest options available on this planet (I am sure every parent do the same). As, at this growing stage kids need nutritious and well thought out food. Keeping this in mind, we will share many delicious, yummy and easy to go recipes for your kid.

International Cuisines


We will fetch some interesting international recipes in this section with some healthy and Indian Tadka (So you won’t feel bored!!). We will keep our options open to try any and every healthy recipe at AARU’S. Please feel free to share your global experiences, so that we can improve them further.

Health and Sports


At AARU'S, we have our focus on providing new and innovative ideas for health freaks. Being among the top national tennis player, we know what it takes to be a good sportsman. Keeping this in mind, we will bring out healthy, quick, nutritious food and drink recipes, which even bachelors can prepare like restaurants.

Other Interesting Food


India is full of diversity, at every nook and corner you would find a specialty. We will bring out the best of the food varieties including street food and suggest ways to make it healthy. Please join in our effort to make cooking a fun and an activity towards improving the lifestyle and overall health of our citizens.

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