About The AARU's Kitchen


Our Motivation

 AARU’S is about making food yummy, while retaining its health and nutritional value. Food preparation for us is passion that goes on with innovation, by looking for best practices prevalent in the India’s rich cultural heritage. The traditional food prepared in our country has MUM’s taste and has local innovations, our effort is to bring out that with adding some healthy twists. 

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Our Aim

In today's world people dint have time for themselves and they end up eating junk food and unhealthy stuff. Our aim is to share healthy and easy ways of cooking  that will help in improving the lifestyle and eating habits of people.


Our Approach

At AARU's, we try to find best practices prevelent across different part of Indian and the world to bring innovative ways of cooking. It is a big mission and cannot be done alone for this we would require your support, guidance and feedback. Lets share and work together to make our lives more healthy.